Economic mission

Promote better wealth distribution.

Invest in our most important resource: people.

Proactive participation in economic growth.

Videos (french only) 

Comparing Canada with other developed countries
-Radio Canada- 

Quick study of Canadian and Quebec’s situation 

American study about the realities of wealth distribution and citizen’s opinions

Global wealth distribution situation with statistics and illustrations.


Environmental mission

Raise the proportion of electric vehicules.

Decrease greenhouse gases.

Increase the proportion of used electrical vehicles in the market to improve accessibility

Videos (french only) 

Interview with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard regarding environmental objectives.

  Test drive three of our electric cars.
Let yourself be tempted!

Documentary about the growth of electric cars. Hear their story.

Brunet & Neumann : environment protection. A rich people problem?

Sociale mission

Increase the connection between important economic partners in local communities.

Promote citizen participation in important issues and donation to charity.

  Propagate our passion for change.

Videos (french only) 

Incredible popularization of social and fair economy. Learn to make a difference yourself.

See concrete examples of businesses in Estrie. Meet the humans driving the change.

Be proud of this local business who is also proud of being from Quebec

Meet Laure Waridel, co-founder of Equiterre. Her presence inspires the emergence of new ideas


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