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TV time slot
(without prime time)

TV time slot
( prime time )

TV channel
(without prime time)

TV channel
( prime time )



10$                               30$



Mobile billboard



 8$                                          21$

( Highway, abribus, etc )

 3$          6$

0      1      2     3     4      5     6      7      8      9    10   11   12    13   14   15    ...    50

Dollars per 1000 impressions

* The price is calculated considering the client demands no specific characteristic concerning drivers.


An environnemental expenditure

Every dollar invested in advertising with Enviropub is a dollar invested in the environment and green technologies.

We are working continually to make our services eligible to tax credits for businesses.

A humane touch

With Enviropub, you get access to a more direct and humane way to advertise your message.

Displaying with us is having a person behind every ad who resembles your target audience and who is proud to display your business every day.

The best price available

Use the cheapest display method by printing on the market.

Use this traditional method with low prices and without limits

Sustainable development

 Be everywhere

We are giving your ad the possibility to travel everywhere with the drivers, who have access to privileged parking places thanks to their electric car.

Advertising at the mall during shopping hours, advertising in traffic during rush hour, advertising at school at mornings and evenings, the possibilities are endless?

Be everywhere, be where it matters.


A new era is coming. Be the first one to take a step towards ecological advertising in direct contact with your clients

Give yourself the chance to be recognized as an actor of change.

Respect of your image

Every person is different, and so is every business. With EnviroPub, you get to choose drivers who adequately represent you and your business image 


The durability of our displays is such that we are able to change the advertising campaign while keeping the same background wrapping on the driver’s car.

It only takes one investment on a color and a background representing your business and you can then change, whenever you want, the information you want to broadcast to your customers!

Dominating presence

People are captivated by new cars, luxury cars and cars that innovate. Imagine advertising a vehicle that possesses those three aspects.

Your ads on the road, counter to other media, cannot be avoided! No more fast forward through the ads thanks to prerecording a movie or a TV show!

  ​Superior quality

Displays are made from high quality vinyl. It even protects your car’s paint! Some additional characteristics can be added such as glossy vinyl for nighttime visibility 

Drivers are inspected every month, either electronically, in person and/or by surprise visit.

We can make ads last for more than 5 years, hence making production costs depreciable and therefore extremely cheap/very low.

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